Deniz Kul



Industrial Engineer, specialized in IT and Logistics

Dortmund, Germany

+049 151 20 200 284



If you are reading this, you probably are looking to find out more about me. I am an Industrial Engineer and have been working in this field since 2012. Most of my broad range of work experience was with manufacturing companies in Germany. I also have spent half a year working abroad in London, England. Throughout my career, I realized that alot of optimization could be done in the IT-processes of companies. Being interested in Logistics as well, I thought why not combining those two fields? Currently, I am looking for opportunities to fulfill this desire. If you are also interested, do not heistate to send me an email for a discussion. I would love to hear from you!


I will update this page bit-by-bit subsequently.


London, 01/2017

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Industrial Engineer and Flamenco guitarist